"Sonic" refers to the vibration motion of the bristles which are at a sonic speed (over 33,000 strokes per minute). Sonic toothbrushes are typically used for superior plaque removal which leads to healthier teeth and gums.

Not all sonic toothbrushes are equal, however—the Sonic-FX™ stands out because of our intelligent timer with optimal 2-minute brushing time in timed 30-second intervals, three speeds (Normal, Super, and Massage), varying bristle length for more effective cleaning (extra long bristles clean better between teeth), and soft nylon bristles which are durable and safer on enamel and gentle on the gums. The Sonic-FX™ also comes in a variety of models, from UV storage to USB travel, visit https://sonicfxtoothbrush.com/ to see what's available! And just for reading this far, use coupon code SEVENTY during checkout for 70% off of your purchase (before shipping and handling is applied)!